These retreats are experiential journeys to various parts of the world with the intention of igniting deep cellular remembrance and bringing people back to their ORIGEN (The remembrance of their original genetic blueprint). Niamh guides people on an alchemical journey to awaken their natural emotional intelligence, as they retrace their footsteps on these sacred lands. 

When you relate with REALity in this way it responds differently and it invites you into a deeper understanding of self, and your relationship with universal intelligence and with life itself. It grants you an opportunity to expand your conscious and sensorial awareness and to begin conversing with your inherent nature once again. 

Maui, Hawaii

Restoring Remembrance of Ancient MŨ September 2020

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"We are living in a hypnotic state, seeing through a limited spectrum, tasting from a limited palette and hearing only a fraction of what is being spoken."

These retreats are specifically curated so that you can slowly unwind from the fast pace of the world, and sync with your natural rhythm once again. The indigenous Australian people believe that we as westerners are only "3 days deep". They believe that if we immerse ourselves in nature for only 3 days or more we will begin to unplug from the false matrixes, release cultural conditioning and begin to sync with our true human nature once again. This is the space where we begin to hear our natural intuition speak, where we access expanded levels of our awareness and connect with various forms of intelligent life.

ORIGEN Women's Retreat

Friday Aug 28-Sunday 30th 2020

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These retreats are a bridge to restoring true remembrance

In some ways we have forgotten about our natural abilities to create and manifest in harmony with the elements, our ability to converse with all forms of intelligent life. Our ability to access an inter- connected "web" of information, and access our true genetic memory that is beyond what we have ever been told.  Our true human capacity is awaiting to be unlocked and the only way to restore this remembrance is to seek out personal and direct experience. This is what these retreats, gatherings and experiences are all about. They allow each personal to directly explore and experience aspects of their multi-dimensional nature.


Dates TBC [2020]

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Now taking expressions of interest for a very special journey to the Isle of Scotland to retrace our footsteps across the Isle of Scotland (including the mystical island of the ancient druids - Iona ) to restore the remembrance of our Arthurian Ancestry.

Each gathering is unique and cannot be replicated.

Each experience is wholly unique. The energy of each retreat is a combination of the people present, the location and the core intention of the group. This means that every experience has the potential to be extremely powerful and so you must trust which experience or retreat you are guided to attend.

Why travel to different parts of the world?

Just like our body stores memory, the earth too stores memory as we travel to these places, with the right intention and guidance the earth begins to reveal more of this memory to us as we simultaneously restore the genetic memory we hold within our bodies.  There is also so much hidden meaning and mysticism to be unlocked within the mythical stories that have been passed down to us from our ancestors. Stories of lost lands and civilisations, some of of which may still exist and some which reside in the depths of our collective unconsciousness and are unlocked when we step foot in these sacred places.



"I would like to express here the magnitude of love, community, harmony and magic that was experienced during the ORIGIN retreat in Ireland with Niamh was such a divine and loving experience that touched my soul forever. Niamh was instrumental in guiding us through some of Ireland's most sacred and powerful sites, through sound, meditation, movement and storytelling. Niamh was the portal in helping us to connect to the magic and mystery of our ancient past and to anchor it into the present. An experience of a lifetime! Thank you Niamh for inviting us to remember our origins once again."

Ryan McKenna
The Shamanic Leprechaun

Why Niamh creates these retreats

Niamh has spent many years traveling to these sacred places, listening to her internal guidance and she received many profound insights, epiphanies and internal realisations while doing this work. What she experienced is that there is so much more available to us as human beings. There is a sea of infinite possibility, awareness and wisdom waiting to be unlocked and experienced.

A time has come now for all human beings to awaken to this remembrance and it can happen in the most natural and subtle ways in harmony with your nervous system. We do not need to adhere to any "spiritual path" to access what is already within us. Time has come to stop the search and to begin unlocking the meaning from within. The everyday person can experience "enlightenment" in each moment. We can all receive deep profound realisations about life and go to work the next day. We can all unlock the mysteries of the holy grail and yet we do not need to be part of "secret mystery school." It is all readily available and accessible to those who are ready.

Like Niamh you may know inherently in this life that you are not here to adhere to any particular "spiritual path"  or teaching yet you know that you are here to unlock deeper meaning, wisdom and truth within your body. If that is you and you feel called to join Niamh on these unique retreats and experiences then apply now. You will not regret it.

Hear from those who attended our last Origen retreat

"I had the honor,  privilege and joy to participate in Niamh's last Origen Retreat in Ireland. While impossible to capture in words, I'd like to share a bit about my experience for anyone who may be considering any of Niamh's offerings.

At the time I was first invited to this retreat, I had no desire to participate in any sort of personal development retreat, teaching, or tour of sacred sites. After ten minutes on a Zoom call with Niamh, however, I knew this gathering would be different. Niamh has a unique ability to lead a group, embodying a style of round-table leadership that is rare and sorely needed in our world today. Niamh is a powerful, intuitive, loving, compassionate and deeply devoted being who has done so much of her own inner work that she has no need to lead from a conditioned layer of ego.

She sees the divinity, power and essence of every individual and views each one as an equal, with a unique gift to bring to the whole.

Perhaps most importantly, Niamh embodies a level of honor and respect for free will and sovereignty that requires each of us to show up fully and to take personal responsibility for everything we are experiencing and creating.

This retreat was an incredible gathering of old souls coming together in service of something so ancient, so sacred, and so beyond any of our individual personalities ~ connecting to the land and our own ancestry, unlocking and activating codes that had been placed there by some form of our selves many eons ago, following a calling by Gaia, Source, and the collective to usher in a new paradigm on the planet, the universe, and beyond.

We stepped outside of this realm and into a space of no-time, the mystical space of Tir Na Nog, of Avalon ~ a space of healing, alchemy and co-creation in the etheric realms that can then be manifested through our physical beings into this reality. We laughed, we cried, we played, we re-membered, we connected deeply to the land and to each other.

Through Niamh's leadership, I felt held without being "led", I felt seen, I felt heard, I felt valued, I felt loved, I felt met. Few people alive today can both surrender and hold space for the high-vibration frequency required for this work. Niamh can and does ~ with grace and humility. I am forever grateful for the experience of this retreat, and for Niamh's loving service in the world."

- Holly McCannFounder of Grail Leadership

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