This is no ordinary retreat. It is an invitation specifically for those who are here to restore their ancient origins in the lost lands of Lemuria (MU) in Maui, Hawaii. Download your personal invitation now and apply to join us on this mystical journey.


You are cordially invited to embark on a journey of ancient soul remembrance in the sacred lands of Ancient Mu (Lemuria) in Maui.



Maui, Hawaii

September 2020 Enroll now

A mystical, mythical and magikal voyage

In Celtic folklore we call this Immram - iomramh, pronounced [ˈʊmˠɾˠəw], a supernatural voyage concerning a hero's journey into the Otherworlds (Tír na nÓg- the mythical land of no time). The mystical, mythical and mysterious internal journey to find one’s true nature. 

Why are you being called to Ancient Mu?

There is a very specific reason this retreat is being held in Maui (Ancient Mu). It was a highly secretive and complex society which pre-dated the Sumerian and Egyptian cultures and can be considered one of the first civilisations on the planet. These lands still hold the memory of our human origens (our genesis). Many are being called now to remember this. Download your invitation now to find out more about this ancient land.

Origen Retreat is an experiential immersion that will be facilitated by Niamh where she will guide you on a natural alchemical awakening of your emotional intelligence as you retrace your footsteps across the lands of Ancient Mu.

Our Accomodation

Lumeria Retreat Centre

We will be nestled away in our own private retreat centre of LUMERIA, on the island of Maui.

The Retreat includes 4 x nights accomodation (Twin Share) in Lumeria retreat centre


"I would like to express here the magnitude of love, community, harmony and magic that was experienced during the ORIGIN retreat in Ireland with Niamh was such a divine and loving experience that touched my soul forever. Niamh was instrumental in guiding us through some of Ireland's most sacred and powerful sites, through sound, meditation, movement and storytelling. Niamh was the portal in helping us to connect to the magic and mystery of our ancient past and to anchor it into the present. An experience of a lifetime! Thank you Niamh for inviting us to remember our origins once again."

Ryan McKenna
The Shamanic Leprechaun


Follow the steps below to find out more and apply.

1) Download Your Invitation

Download your invitation to hear more about the retreat and why you may be feeling called to join us on this specific retreat to Lemuria (Ancient Mu).


If you felt a deep resonance and are committed to embarking on this journey then click the "Apply Now" button below and fill out the short questionnaire and Niamh will review.

3) Conversation with Niamh

Niamh loves to connect with everyone personally who is coming on these retreats to ensure that they are the right fit and to discuss more about the retreat.




✔️Luxury Accommodation (TwinShare) in Retreat Style Resort

✔️Breakfast, lunch and dinner

✔️2 x Days Experiential Retreat

✔️1 x Day Nature Immersion

✔️Pre- Trip Preparation Call

✔️Post Trip Integration  Call



4 DAY RETREAT PLUS 1 x Deep Dive sacred excursion with Niamh


✔️ Includes Accommodation (TwinShare) 

✔️Breakfast, lunch and dinner

✔️2 x Days Experiential Retreat

✔️1 x Day Nature Immersion

✔️Pre- Trip Preparation Call

✔️Post Trip Integration  Call

PLUS 1 day X Additional Deep Dive  in nature with Niamh as we explore the sacred lands Maui has to offer.

4 Spots Only available.


Hear from those who attended our last Origen retreat

"I had the honor,  privilege and joy to participate in Niamh's last Origen Retreat in Ireland. While impossible to capture in words, I'd like to share a bit about my experience for anyone who may be considering any of Niamh's offerings.

At the time I was first invited to this retreat, I had no desire to participate in any sort of personal development retreat, teaching, or tour of sacred sites. After ten minutes on a Zoom call with Niamh, however, I knew this gathering would be different. Niamh has a unique ability to lead a group, embodying a style of round-table leadership that is rare and sorely needed in our world today. Niamh is a powerful, intuitive, loving, compassionate and deeply devoted being who has done so much of her own inner work that she has no need to lead from a conditioned layer of ego.

She sees the divinity, power and essence of every individual and views each one as an equal, with a unique gift to bring to the whole.

Perhaps most importantly, Niamh embodies a level of honor and respect for free will and sovereignty that requires each of us to show up fully and to take personal responsibility for everything we are experiencing and creating.

This retreat was an incredible gathering of old souls coming together in service of something so ancient, so sacred, and so beyond any of our individual personalities ~ connecting to the land and our own ancestry, unlocking and activating codes that had been placed there by some form of our selves many eons ago, following a calling by Gaia, Source, and the collective to usher in a new paradigm on the planet, the universe, and beyond.

We stepped outside of this realm and into a space of no-time, the mystical space of Tir Na Nog, of Avalon ~ a space of healing, alchemy and co-creation in the etheric realms that can then be manifested through our physical beings into this reality. We laughed, we cried, we played, we re-membered, we connected deeply to the land and to each other.

Through Niamh's leadership, I felt held without being "led", I felt seen, I felt heard, I felt valued, I felt loved, I felt met. Few people alive today can both surrender and hold space for the high-vibration frequency required for this work. Niamh can and does ~ with grace and humility. I am forever grateful for the experience of this retreat, and for Niamh's loving service in the world."

- Holly McCannFounder of Grail Leadership

Our last ORIGEN Retreat

Here is a little glimpse of our last Origen Retreat.


Frequently Asked Questions

There is a certain magik that happens when one can allow for deep intimacy with nature. A synergistic alchemy occurs with the elements and one syncs with the intelligence of nature and begins conversing with her again. They remember their original language, they have direct experience of their true multi-sensory awareness, emotional intelligence and begin to access their true genetic memory and origin once again.

This is our birth right to be able to witness and experience this level of connection and remembrance and yet due to the deep layers of the conditional, societal, emotional and mental matrixes it can be hard to access day to day.

Yet Niamh as the ability to cultivate and curate unique group environment that draws people together that hold the same intention of remembrance and allows them to enter into a synergistic group field and guides them on this deeper journey of remembrance through a series of direct intimate experiences on these sacred lands.

This is not your "typical" retreat, so do not expect to be led, but instead expect to be invited into a deeper level of self sovereignty and truth. The journey is a process of unraveling and unlearning who you are not, so you can discover who you are at your core.

As you embark on a journey like this, you must be willing to look at your own internal wounds and how they correspond to the deeper collective wounds we hold in society. It is a powerful opportunity to once and for all reconcile the deeper layers of programming and conditioning that are holding you back experiencing true inner and outer liberation.

This is not for the faint hearted. It is for the courageous souls who have done a lot of deep inner personal development and "spiritual" work but are now at a place in their own journey where they are ready to walk a self-reflective path of inner realisation.

The retreat will commence on March 27th -31st 2020 in Maui, Hawaii. 

This is for the modern day truth seeker, someone who is committed to the path of inner realisation.

Someone who has transcended many of the "spiritual" teachings and ideologies and know that in this life they are not here to adhere to any spiritual path yet they are ready to experience a direct remembrance of their human origin and awareness from within.

They are ready to embark on the internal voyage of self discovery and to do this with others who are at a similar stage on their awakening journey. 

If you really feel called to this retreat in anyway and are curious to know more, then we invite you to trust that feeling and fill out the application form.

Then Niamh will reach out to set up a time with you to discuss the retreat with you and explore if it is the right fit.

It is hugely important to Niamh that the right people are part of this group and she will openly discuss with you if the retreat is the right path for you and your journey right now.

So if you are curious and want to explore coming on this retreat fill out the application form and Niamh will set a time to speak to you.

  • International Airfare

  • Lunch on Excursion Day Trip

  • Transport to and from the airport

  • Extras (Water, tea, coffee, personal expenses, laundry, telephone calls, extra nights accomodation, or any of the costs associated with "optional" activities)

  • Travel insurance

  • For the Deep Immersion the 5th night accomodation is not included. 

Enrolment Cancellation – Within The 5 Day Cooling-off Period


If you cancel your enrolment in the retreat for any reason within 5 business days of making payment (the “cooling-off period”), then we will refund you the total amount you have paid to us less any enrolment costs as per clause.

Please allow up to 10 business days after your refund has been approved for your refund to be processed.

Enrolment Cancellation – After The 5 Day Cooling-off Period

If you cancel your enrolment for any reason after the cooling-off period you will receive a credit. Credits may not be claimed as refunds; but may be applied towards an enrolment in any Program offered by Niamh Cronin within 12 months. The credit will be for the total amount you have paid to us less any enrolment costs and a $250 cancellation fee.

Enrolment Cancellation Costs

If you have completed or used any components of the Program the component cost will be deducted from any eligible refund or credit. This includes all product (both physical and online) and other bonus items (including coaching or events) that you have received as these are non-returnable, non-refundable and non- transferrable.

For this retreat there is a non-refundable accommodation deposit which will be deducted from any eligible refund or credit (if applicable).

Cancellation or Rescheduling Administration

If you choose to cancel or reschedule your enrolment outside the cooling-off period, we may charge a $250 administration fee. All requests to cancel or reschedule your enrolment must be received by us in writing, by email. Any reschedule is subject to seats being available in a Program with the same speaker as shown overleaf. You agree that we may not run the same Program again and there is no obligation on us to do so. As per clause 4, all re-scheduled enrolments must be completed within 18 months of the original enrolment, if not done so the enrolment and fees will be forfeited.

Failure To Attend A Program Component

If you do not attend the retreat in which you are enrolled and do not notify us in writing prior to the commencement of the Program component then you will forfeit the full cost of that enrolment, a credit is not available and you will need to purchase the Program again if you want to attend.


Yes there is a payment plan available however please note terms and conditions apply. 

If you would like to avail of this option or to discuss financial options please fill out the application form above and select a time to chat to Niamh or send her an email Niamh at [email protected]


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