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Join Niamh for an online vision quest to explore the complexities of the current corona "crisis" and learn how to discern your own truth and find certainty within these changing times.

Even for the most aware individual right now it can be difficult to truly discern what is unfolding in our world. There are so many narratives, stories and "conspiracy" theories being shared and it has become increasingly hard to know who to trust, what to believe and as the saying goes "It is hard to really see the woods from the trees". 

In some ways could see this as modern day initiation (akin to a vision quest) where we are being invited now to see everything in a new light and cultivate our own inner awareness truth and certainty.

What is a vision quest?

In indigenous cultures a vision quest is when one is sent out into the wilderness, with little food or water and is left to fend for themselves, relying only on their own internal navigation system to find their way home. When out in the wilderness they are faced with their biggest fears and are challenged to dig deep within themselves to not only overcome them but to transmute them fully. This is a huge initiation as it means they must learn to trust themselves instinctually beyond anything else.

The only way to survive an ordeal like this, is to awaken your internal sight (awareness) that will guide you through the most dense part of the forest (shadow) and learn how to cultivate a sense of inner safety, security and most importantly certainty so that you will find your way back home.

Certainty is what we are all seeking right now and while we may try to find it in something external, the truth is that it can only be cultivated within.

What to expect?

This is a 3 hour online vision quest where you can take time away from the outside world, the distraction and the noise so you can learn how to connect truly connect to your internal navigation system and cultivate your unique perspective of the current global events.

This will be no ordinary workshop...

  • It will be deep.
  • It will be initiatory
  • It will be eye-opening on all levels
  • It will be experiential
  • It will be highly activating
  • We will explore the current global narrative and perspectives in a holistic way whilst simultaneously explore universal theories, esoteric wisdom and so much more..

Who is it for?

✔️Truth-seekers, visionaries, creatives, entrepreneurs, influencers and those who consider themselves to be critical thinkers, those who choose to think and create freely for themselves and continue to stretch what is possible and question the status quo.
✔️Coaches, healers, intuitive empaths, sensitives, and individuals who are facilitating change-work in others and want to evolve their spiritual, emotional and energetic capacity to help others to truly awaken and be self-empowered. 


Why is it important to cultivate your own vision and awareness at this time?

Perspective is everything. This is a time of the corona (the crowning) which means it is time to deem yourself worthy of the crown, take back your power and to begin thinking critically for yourself. No one else can do this for you. This is the time you truly cultivate the ability to see and lead for yourself.

This vision quest will be your opportunity to integrate and synthesise the bigger picture. Some are still choosing to see the current event through the lens of fear and others are seeing it as a powerful opportunity to awaken. 

The question is what will be your focal point? 

What you choose to focus on will become your reality.

What will you will experience?

✔️In this 3 hour workshop Niamh will guide you deeper into the complexities of the current corona event to explore all possible narratives, all perspectives and all dimensional layers so you can gain your own unique perspective at this time.

✔️She will support you in your ability to understand the true nature of REALity. This will be your ability to consciously navigate all dimensional layers of this global event with greater awareness and the ability to see what is real and what is not. 

✔️She will share tools to heighten your intuition and discernment, to cultivate safety within and how to truly remain grounded in your body during this time.

✔️What is unfolding at this time cannot be translated through the intellect alone, so in this workshop Niamh will share ways to activate your inner intelligence so you will have the capacity to translate vast amounts of complex information and transform intense emotions during this time.

and so much more..


Here is what we cover:

  • What is a vision quest? 
  • Where does your awareness reside?
  • What is our capacity as human beings to truly see and extract truth and meaning for ourselves? 
  • What is true vision and what is the real "third" eye? (not the one we have been told about)
  • How to see what is real and what is not. Developing inner discernment
  • How to navigate adversity in a complex ever-changing world.
  • Awaken your true multi-dimensional sight.
  • Cultivating truth is a journey: Here I share the 5 steps alchemical journey we move through in order to extract our own truth. (this in itself is a very powerful process)
  • The ancient power of storytelling, vision quests, and power of casting visions to create our own reality.
  • Seeing how ancient power of storytelling and druidic wisdom has been misused and is still used to this day in Hollywood and on our TVs to "Enter- Tain" (To bind and hold the mind) and how we can now use this ability within ourselves to see, and script our own future. 
Part #2:
  • Awaken through storytelling: We open the 2nd half of the workshop with an audio adventure into the unknown while listening to the script of a story written by Niamh filled with many mysteries and keys to unlocking more meaning in life.
  • Understand the fractal nature of the human body and where our current awareness as human beings resides.
  • Explore the realms/ dimensions our current world and reality is based and how limited our lens has become, due to the depth of programming, scripting, and indoctrination.
  • We examine the current global event through 3 different lenses/perspectives. Each lens is seeing the current global events through a different dimensional layer. The intention here is to create greater awareness and to allow for more information to be considered so you can cultivate a "wholistic" perspective.
  • We examine the current global political agendas, conspiracies, theories and how they are connected to an even bigger narrative that unfolding.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): We explore the realms of AI, what and why this is manifesting in our world, its connection with the current vaccine narratives, nanotech, 5G, trans-humanism and so much more (please note we do this from a very grounded, and centered place, exploring the complexities while trying to understanding the bigger picture.
  • Natural Human Intelligence: We explore how with the influx of technologies it is important to remember that there is a natural and innate technology within that we can access through deeper awareness.


Once you register you will receive an email with access to the full recording. 


For any questions, please email Niamh [email protected]