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Origen 1:1 Mentorship Application

This is an invitation.

This is for those who are ready to go full circle next level in the remembrance of who they truly are.  To untangle from that which is unnatural and fully integrate with the full spectrum of their original genetic blueprint.   

To transcend all physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual distortion and come back to the true memory and awareness that resides in your body. This is where true original memory resides. These 1:1 journeys are for those who are ready to go deeper and engage in 1:1 sessions where we can facilitate deeper healing and remembrance.

I act as a very powerful threshold and hold open a doorway into the natural world so you can take a massive leap into the remembrance of who you truly are.   I often say to people who choose to work with me 1-1 that their life will never be the same again and this is true because as you step into this unconditional field in our sessions, I hold the space to allow for all that is unnatural to fall away and all that is REAL to now be revealed. Many experience immense change in a very short space of time as you step across the threshold into the natural world, where I will meet you and share practices and tools to support you in living, leading and co-creating in an entirely new expression of life.   

Also in our 1-1 sessions, we also work on core original wounds (soul trauma). This is the work that cannot be facilitated in a group setting. In the 1-1 sessions, we heal and release the root of any trauma that is still in the body that may be preventing you from accessing more of your original memory. Original trauma means getting to the root (ori) of the wound. This process is non-linear and we work with the wisdom of your body to access the core original wound across time, space, and dimensions. Most healing modalities work within a very limited spectrum of dimensional reality. With my work, I access the full spectrum of natural and universal life so it allows for the deep core release and healing of original trauma and core wounds our soul is carrying.

These wounds may be located in your emotional, etheric, energetic, or spiritual bodies. Core wounds are deeply rooted and some are carried by the soul from other inter-dimensional or other incarnational experiences. Yet once we heal it at its root it will allow for the memory which was once buried underneath to now come alive in you. Once you heal these core original wounds you gain access to more of your innate original memory and wisdom. This then supports you in translating your emotions and your senses naturally free of any distortion. 

This will be a huge initiation or passage into the natural world and where you will begin to have more direct experience of the true dimensions REALity. 

You will realise much of what you have learned or what you have been told no longer is required and that you will have to unlearn everything you have been told about your body, your energy, this world, our history, and this universe. You will enter into a reversal in your understanding of everything and you will form a new perspective on life. As this happens you will start to experience what it is like to live in a multi-dimensional world, now aware of myriad or more frequencies, emotions, and dimensional realities. 

This is a very big transition to move through and that is why it is important to have someone who has already journeyed through this process to be there with you as you go through the most immense transformational process. 

Many are feeling so much intensity and this is a sign that they are approaching the densest point of their journey. They have reached the eye of the storm and about to turn everything that they know inside-out as they transform into an entirely new version of themselves. They know that the changes that are occurring within them are unrecognisable and they know that they cannot go back to the life they were already living. They know they are changing into something new but they do not know what that looks like or feels like. This is where I come in. 

I am here to support those who are moving through these changes and help them to translate these new emotions, vibrations, and experiences effectively and without distortion. 

It is clear the world is going through a massive separation point right now. Some will say a splitting is occurring: there are those who have chosen to evolve (continue the natural path) and those who have chosen to remain in the old and be assimilated into a technological world. Neither is right or wrong, good or bad. Yet there are some souls who know they have already chosen to exit this limited matrix reality and return to the source of their original nature. 

This mentorship is for those souls who have chosen the natural path and ready to unlearn and untangle from all the false doctrines and even the spiritual teachings and connect back to the truth of their original source. 

This is a courageous journey as it means questioning many of the modalities, practices, rituals, and spiritual teachings that have been passed down throughout the ages. Many of these served to keep us looping in this limited universal matrix. A matrix that mimics and even greater and more universe. By engaging with these teachings, rituals, and practices over we continue to re-assimilate ourselves back into this limited matrix. Creating our own cage. Trapping ourselves in a very finite and limited understanding of our greater infinite and universal nature. The only way we can remain in this cage is if we continue to engage with and believe in these limited doctrines and teachings.

This is where I come in.  

After going through a spontaneous awakening over 8 years ago, I spent many years navigating my way out the many different dimensions of this human, spiritual, and universal matrix. Untangling myself from false belief systems, religious teachings, and even new-age spiritual doctrines. Many of you know my story and this journey has been the path of coming back into the original premise of what it means to be a natural woman. Accessing my own innate power and original intelligence and awareness in harmony with the natural world.   

Many of you in ORIGEN Membership have already begun this unlearning process and are aware of the myriad of distortions we must move through.   


It is important to note that our focus in the ORIGEN 1:1 mentorship will not be on these distortions, yet instead, we will be exploring the natural potential that exists beyond these limited universal and spiritual matrixes as you make a descent into your body and access your natural genetic memory and awareness that lays within your original genetic blueprint. This will then open up a whole new full spectrum of awareness of the natural world.

This journey is beyond any reference point that you have ever experienced. It is here you will come into the remembrance of the original incarnation purpose for existing at this time, how to now live in the full spectrum of the natural world (free of distortion) and how to live, lead and co-create with natural lore.

This will be a journey you will take by yourself, yet I will be with you on the side-lines supporting you as you move through the deep alchemical and transformational processes that are involved in the refinement process and coming back into your true nature.

How does this differ from ORIGEN Membership?

The 1:1 Mentorship supports the integration of work we do in our monthly ORIGEN membership and yet takes it even deeper to support you in truly embodying the work.

It also allows for us to go deeper into the personal emotional healing, and release of any physical, mental, emotional, etheric blockages, wounds or traumas that may be in the way of your fully integrating this work. I use may modalities here including Attuneme TM, crystal dreaming, regression and multi-dimensional healing and more...

As you know the awakening process is non- linear and there is no one “spiritual path”. The sequence in how you will awaken is wholly unique and while in the membership I can support the group in understanding this process better, the private mentorship allows me to support you exactly where you are and help you to understand and translate the alchemical and transformational process you are in.


Because of the depths of this 1-1 journey, I only have the capacity to hold space for a limited number of individuals at any given time. That is why I am now opening up spaces only for those who wish to go deeper.

In addition to the 1:1 support you will also have full access to the ORIGEN Library of teachings, and group calls for further integration and support. The minimum commitment for a journey like this is 3 months.

What can you expect?  

The 1:1 Mentorship will include:   

  • 3  x 1:1 calls (90 min sessions) per month
  • Unlimited voice, text and email access over the course of our mentorship. 
  • You will also have access to the full ORIGEN library of teachings and group calls to further support your integration and journey.Additional 
  • 1:1 Tools, Resources, Original practices & reading to support you in the integration of the work.
  • Access to any other workshops that are being offered within ORIGEN during the time we are working together in the 1:1 Mentorship
  • Access to "Entering The Dream" - creating in harmony with natural lore Online program [Value EUR299]
  • Discounted Retreats & more..


If this speaks to you and you wish to apply for this mentorship click this link here and follow these steps: 


1. Fill out the application form

2. Book a time in my calendar for us to talk and explore the possibilities of embarking on this journey together.


With Love,


Niamh xx  


PS. This 1-1 Mentorship is the only way to work with me intimately and in a 1-1 setting.


All other ORIGEN Offerings are group orientated. This Mentorship is only for a select few individuals and it is separate from the GENESIS Pathway