What is ATTUNEME ™?

Attuneme is a powerful vibrational modality Niamh utilises in her work with clients to support them in getting to the energetic root (or cause) of an physical/mental/emotional imbalance (the effect) they are experiencing in their lives.  It is a process working with the body's innate memory and intelligence to pin point the root cause and release it so that the body can be restored to its natural state once again. 

To "Attune" is to be become sensitive to something or to bring your awareness to something so that you can release it and restore harmony once again. The body is an intuitive vessel and can access vast amounts information from our internal and external environment.If the body is out of balance in any way symptoms can arise; they may be physical, mental, emotional or even spiritual. 

With Attuneme Niamh works with the body to pinpoint the root cause of the imbalance. She works with the clients physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies to then release and reconcile the root cause so that ultimately it will support the client in coming back into harmony.

Niamh believes that the body is an highly intuitive vessel and composite of genetic and emotional memory. She believes that human emotions act as a mechanism to translate vast amount of information, frequencies and dimensional realities. For the most past as human beings we have forgotten how to truely feel and how to utilise our emotional language and this is because we carry a lot of suppressed emotional wounds/ trauma in our bodies that we must first reconcile and release before we can access to our true emotional memory once again. 

The core intention behind this work is to support the individual in reclaiming the sovereignty over their physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies, so they can reconcile deeper layers of conditioning, programming, emotional trauma (both personal and ancestral) so they can ultimately restore their original genetic blueprint. 

As we begin to awaken more and more we begin to detect and become aware of so many more layers of conditioning, programming, matrixes, imprints and interferences in our mental, emotional and energetic fields. Attuneme is also helpful in detecting and releasing deeper energetic , environmental and inter-dimensional interferences, implants, artificial technologies, matrix imprints, entities and more that may otherwise go undetected and in some cases may be the root cause of a major imbalance in someones life.

Who does Niamh work with?

Typically Niamh works with energetically sensitive individuals, other coaches, healers and transformational facilitators who are awakening or integrating their own emotional and energetic sensitivity and desiring to  truely reclaiming the sovereignty of their body, emotions and intuitive awareness.

These sessions are 1:1 60 minute sessions facilitated in person or via zoom with Niamh. If you are would like to book a session please click the link below and select a time in Niamh's calendar that works for you.

If you have any questions, please send them to [email protected]


In the midst of the uncertainty we are all experiencing in the world, now more than ever is a time to claim our personal power and sovereignty over our thoughts, our emotions , our energetic fields and our physical health. I am extending offer to those who are really in need of energetic and emotional support during this time and I am offering these sessions to support individuals to become more centred, grounded and aware in their bodies and be able to navigate their turbulent times with greater ease.

50% off [normally€333] for €166. 

Appointments available now. Please click the link below for more information.





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Niamh is currently creating a vibrational diagnostic tool that will support you to access and navigate your true multi-sensory awareness. Join the list to be first to know when it is released.


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