International Speaker, Coach, Vibrational Artist and Founder of ORIGEN.

Niamh originally from Ireland but spends much of her time traveling between Ireland, the US and Australia facilitating her work and has influenced the lives of thousands of people in her events, workshops, retreats and online trainings globally.

Niamh is a modern mystic, she acts as a bridge between modern day transformational modalities and ancient esoteric teachings/practices and using the arts as a means of translation. She consistently challenges her level of awareness by delving deep into philosophy, mythology, human behaviour, emotional intelligence and ancient esoteric wisdom. She has traveled the world to many different sacred sites and has spent time with various indigenous cultures in a quest to ignite her inherent truth and remembrance. Now she shares the synthesis of this work with others in her workhops, events, retreats and on her online platform.

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Niamh is very intentional about the core purpose and origin of her work and this is infused in everything she creates, expresses, and offers to the world. The original intention of her work is to ignite remembrance of our original genetic blueprint through all forms of creative and transformative expression. To empower individuals to reconcile original trauma and access the full spectrum of their emotional intelligence and multi-sensory awareness so we can directly experience what it truely means to be a human being.

To Ignite an Internal Revelation

Her intention is to use vibrational art as a medium to guide people internally to awaken their inner sight and be empowered to integrate their true multi-sensory awareness and emotional intelligence.

Awaken our original genetic human memory

Her intention is to create transformative and multi-sensory online and in-person events, retreats tools that invoke deep cellular remembrance and support the reconciliation of personal and inter-generational trauma so it will be possible to truely awaken our original human blueprint.



Access Your Multi-Sensory Map

We are all wholly unique and carry a very specific soul signature or map to access our original emotional intelligence. Niamh's intention is to empower individuals to access their own internal multi-sensory map and to support them in integrating this level of awareness.

Transform through Vibrational Art

Niamh's intention is to utilise all forms of vibrational art as a medium to transform and ignite remembrance. Art is a conduit for vibrational frequencies to be translated, felt and experienced. It is a conduit for the divine to be expressed and it can speak to the body and our intelligence in a way that sometimes language cannot. All art is vibrational. All art speaks to a part of you that is unconditional. This is the part of you that wants to come alive and by utilising the arts we can journey deeper into the exploration of who we are as human beings and we can access parts of our unconscious awareness and contemplate deeper on the meaning of our own life.


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