Igniting Original Remembrance

Igniting the remembrance of our original genetic blueprint, emotional intelligence and sensory awareness through all forms of vibrational art, storytelling, movement, spoken and written word, multi-sensory events and retreats.

Vibrational Art

Ignite your remembrance through sensorial and vibrational art: activating artworks, audios, storytelling,  and written word.

Multi-Sensory Events

Awaken your senses and access your true emotional intelligence through experiential events, workshops, and retreats. 

Transformative Tools

Be empowered and equipped with transformative tools to support you on your journey of integrating your remembrance.


ori-, root.  This word derives from Latin, where it has the meaning "to rise; 2. begin; 3. appear.'' This meaning is found in such words as: aboriginal, aborigine, Ori means to rise from our roots, our true source, and origins.

When did we forget?

A creative short film written and directed by Niamh Cronin (C) 2019. This is a small extract from a full feature piece that is based on the sequel of an ancient Irish myth "Tir Na Nog".


Meet Niamh

International Speaker, Storyteller, Mentor, and Vibrational Artist. 

Igniting remembrance through all forms of creative and transformative expression




The remembrance of our Original G☰Netic Human Blueprint.







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Transform and Remember

Ignite your remembrance and multi-sensory awareness through Niamh's unique online weekly workshops, transformative tools, vibrational art and more..

An Invitation To Remember

Download a special audio invitation to discover why you are being called to restore and remember your original genetic blueprint.

"“Through Niamh's leadership, I felt held without being "led", I felt seen, I felt heard, I felt valued, I felt loved, I felt met. Few people alive today can both surrender and hold space for the high-vibration frequency required for this work. Niamh can and does ~ with grace and humility. I am forever grateful for the experience and for Niamh's loving service in the world.” "

Holly McCann
Founder of Grail Leadership

A quest to remember..

Enjoy Niamh's deep musings, channeled writings, spoken word and more..

Why Transform Through The Arts?

Art is a conduit for divine intelligence and information to be expressed, felt and experienced that may otherwise not be translated by the conscious mind. It acts as a medium to contemplate on deeper aspects of our human and collective psyche while also giving power to the individual to translate its meaning. It is a powerful tool for transformation and self realisation. This is why Niamh now shares her work with only one intention and that is to ignite and empower others to look inward for their own answers and true meaning.



Storytelling by-passes the intellect and speaks to a part of our body’s intuitive awareness that stores our ancient collective memory. In the ancient times, storytelling was understood to be a powerful alchemical tool/ technology, the words acting as energetic keys to unlock our inherent human wisdom and remembrance. 

Vibrational Artworks

These artworks are channeled vibrational pieces that hold keys to restoring our memory. The artworks are always accompanied by an audio recording and storytelling which guides the person viewing into a deeper contemplation with the artwork bringing them on a journey of inner realisation.

Transformative Experiences

True transformation is something that can only be derived from direct personal experience. Through the curation of experiential and creative workshops, events and retreats, Niamh invites you to embark on an internal voyage of self discovery and remembrance.

"When we begin to feel again it will be like remembering an ancient language." - Niamh Cronin



Join Niamh for a multi-sensory, full bodied psychosomatic experience.


  • Ignite Cellular & Emotional Remembrance
  • Unlock Multi-sensory Awareness
  • Experience Group Psychosomatic Transformation
  • Transform through all forms of vibrational and transformative art


This is a very unique event and specifically created for a limited number of people. Tickets will sell out so please ensure you book your ticket now in advance.




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